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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Timber Path Construction Update: Quack...

I meant to keep an ongoing account of the construction along Timber Path Road just outside of our neighborhood, but in all honesty, there wasn't a lot of stuff to photograph on my daily stops at the stoplight.But this morning, it occurred to me that they have some pavement! WTH? I still see no sign of a bridge. Please don't tell me that we aren't going to be getting a bridge over the low water crossing.The good news is, the detour along Old Grissom Road gives me a giggle when I pass by. The salvage yard in that area apparently deals in more than just old wrecked Corvettes. Need a duck?


Albatross said...

Oh, the things you see on the road less traveled.

The Bridegroom said...

I think the pavement that's there is just a run-up to where the bridge will be. I was at Bill Miller's a couple of times over the past week and the pavement cuts off just past Bill's.

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