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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Excitement in The GNW: The New Marquee is Here...

I know you will share tingles of excitement like me when you drive by the intersection of Timber Path and Timberwilde and see the installation of the new modern marquee for the Great Northwest. I know, I was as giddy as a 6th grader at a Jonas Brothers Concert when I got the phone call from one of our readers, saying that it would be up by the time I rolled into the neighborhood after work today. Do I have my Camera? Of course I do!So here it is. At this point, you can only see two little red dots in the lower corners. I guess they aren't ready to start dazzling us with brilliant information and timely updates about the association.

Just as a side note, I'm sure that if you live here, you'll be receiving your copy of The Sentinel Newsletter before long. In it, you will most likely read what a monumental waste of association dollars this and the other new signs being put up soon is.

Each of us is entitled to our own opinions, so I will tell you mine. I am all about getting the word out to people. So many people complain that they didn't hear about this, that, or the other activity that they would have liked to participate in. They don't take the time to read Passages, the monthly official newspaper put out by the association, they don't log into the official web page of our association to read the calendar of events or the scrolling list of new information, they don't read my blog, and then they wonder why they don't know anything.

The association already has several marquees that can only hold a certain amount of information, and they have to be manually updated individually. You have to abbreviate, figure out the best way to make your point in limited space, and after doing all that, there is nothing eye-catching that would make somebody talking on their cell phone look up and see it.With the new marquees, messages can scroll and stream-by, drawing the attention of people at the 4-way stop or stop light. Multiple messages can be loaded meaning more information can be put out and sooner. Imagine an Amber Alert type situation where a full description of a missing child with details such as vehicle info or last known location could be flashed on the marquee. This simply could not be done with any fidelity in the current static marquees. Maybe on weekends, residents could have the addresses of garage sales posted. Who knows? I can think of a dozen other useful situations. The possibilities are endless.

So needless to say, I'm a fan of this new addition to our HOA and I look forward to all the marquees being fully operational. I wonder if they would post a link to my Blog?


Anonymous said...

"I wonder if they would post a link to my Blog?"

I can tell you from experience that most of these electronic signs are wireless and it is very easy to log in to them and "adjust" the information that is displayed. If you were really determined you could very easily change the marquee to suit your agenda...

I am just sayin'...

Lynne said...

They would probably promote the blog when nothing else exciting was going on :)

I was surprised & impressed the first time I came across the hulking sign the other day. I do hope the staff sets the scroll feature for "slow" - or at least not lightning fast. The only gripe I ever have about electronic marquees is that I can't read them fast enough. There are pros and cons.
Thank goodness for websites.

alienjeff said...

I hope someone tracks "before and after" vehicular accidents at Timber Path and Timberwilde.

Sign, sign, everywhere a sign ...

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