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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Something Worth Supporting...The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

I got my annual call tonight from the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society asking if I would be a sport and mail out some donation envelopes to my neighbors. They can send me the package and by me sending the envelopes to all my neighbors, the Society doesn't have to spend the money on postage. It sounds like a good plan, I suppose.

I have volunteered for this thing the last four or five years with limited success, and don't worry if you are a neighbor - I'm not keeping score - that isn't the point. But really, I'm thinking that based purely on statistics (previous donations), I could eliminate certain addresses from the mailings and save money on stamps, right? But then that would be cheating. If I told the people I would send envelopes to all the houses, I should just do it. Oh sure, I could hand carry them, but then that puts people on the spot. So this time around, I passed on the offer to be the guy who sends the envelopes. I had something that is probably more effective in mind.

Instead, what say we all save a little postage and I'll provide the link to the web page for my neighbor who is going above and beyond my simple efforts to put stamps on envelopes and send them out to 15 addresses.

Mary Kay is training to participate in her first triathlon on Memorial Day in Austin, and by contributing (even a buck or two), you can not only motivate her to make it all the way, you'll be relieving any guilt I may have had about saying no to the envelope sending.

So please, consider it a double good deed and check out Mary Kay's page.

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