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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Chupacabra in 78250? No. Coyote? Yes.

As a follow-up to a recent report about a potential Chupacabra in 78250, I am happy to report that we have not had any recent sightings. But of course, always looking for a potential National Enquirer-like situation, I offer you an excerpt from an official report:

2/20/09 @ 0740, while patrolling in the area of incident location I noticed a mangy gray in color Coyote walking down Timber Jack toward Timber Grand. I honked at the Coyote in attempts to get him out of the neighborhood. I kept honking the horn of the vehicle a few times until the Coyote ran into the greenbelt area behind Timber Grand.

@ 1251 hours, Subject #1 contacted me and reported a Coyote running loose in the area of Timberwilde @ Timber Trace. I responded to the area and made contact with the Coyote in the area of Timber Canyon @ Timber Crown. The Coyote appeared to be the same one I had encountered earlier in the morning. I followed the Coyote to the area of Timber Canyon @ Timber Mill where I noticed him going into the greenbelt area. I contacted SAPD and informed them of the situation. I contacted Subject # 1 and informed him of my actions. End Report.
UPDATE: Photo of the Coyote/Chupacabra in action, courtesy of Express-News.


Albatross said...

Tell them to get pictures! Or at least DNA for testing.

You never know. It just might be a chupacabra. And then you'll be able to sell some T-shirts.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

WV proudly has the Bat Boy. He was featured on the cover of the Enquirer. Lucky us.

Anonymous said...

...i think the wild-e-coyote is genius..to out run even the best..i think you could lure him ..with food........

Anonymous said...

Check this out. It may be Silver Creek's coyote!


Albatross said...

Chuck McCollough of the Express-News got a picture of it. That could be the same critter.

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