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Monday, March 9, 2009

Lunch Report: Jason's Deli...

I have only been into a Jason's Deli a few times in my life, but often eat their boxed lunches as part of meetings that work through lunch. You end up paying somebody $10 and they usually have a choice of roast beast or turkey, plus some chips, a dill spear and a cookie of some sort.My wife on the other hand swears that she never gets to go to Jason's or eat a boxed lunch, as if it was some special dining event, and so as a big special treat, we went for lunch on Sunday. Am I a special husband, or what?The parking lots was full, but because they have so many tables in the place, it didn't seem busy at all. There is a huge soup and salad bar, free healthy frozen yogurt, and a menu that is really overwhelming with healthy food choices. Once you eliminate all the creepy healthy items, you can get down to business and order some food.My wife went with the club sandwich. It really is big, and as I alluded to before, they don't skimp on the meats. It is a little more classy than say a Subway, because your sandwich comes out on a plate and the chips and pickle (which she didn't bother to eat) aren't in a little bag. By the way, had we really looked at the menu before ordering, she could have substituted something like steamed veggies or potato salad or honey mustard Cole slaw instead of the chips and pickle. She'll know next time.Not being limited to the boxed lunch options, I had to make a quick decision between the Muffaletta or a Reuben. The Reuben won out and I was reasonably happy with it. In comparing it to places like Schilo's and even Earl Abel's, I think Jason's is easily a bigger portion (lots more corned beef), but the other places grill the bread or something as opposed to toasting it. Maybe they slather a bunch of butter on the top and fry it. Don't get me wrong, it was a good Reuben - I'd gladly enjoy one from Jason's in the future, but I kept thinking as I was wolfing it down, it seemed a tad bit dry. Maybe that was some sort of health trick to make me not want to clean my plate.

Next time we go - and my wife took the menu home so she could study it - so there will be a next time, we may try one of the options that allows you yo get a half sandwich and a soup or salad. Or I may just go with the Muffaletta.

I would compare Jason's to Panera, but Panera seems a little more upscale what with the different dining areas and WiFi access. Cost is about the same. For the two of us, sandwiches, drinks and a cookie, it all came out to over $22.00. I think Panera would run about the same.
Oh, final note: When did Applebee's go out of business? We used to occasionally go to the one located just across the parking lot from Jason's, and now, it is all closed up. What gives?

Do you know about Applebee's? Do you know where I can get a good Reuben or a top notch Muffaletta? Tell me about it or leave a comment here.


Anonymous said...

Eva says:)

Honey I think your quite " Special" and I don't mean helmet special either :).

Anon E. Mouse said...

Is this the location near Bandera & Loop 410, right? I last went there on January 23rd, and it was obviously open cause the food was great!

Anonymous said...

Funny, I was just at Jason's Deli on wednesday and I too had the Reuben. I never pass up he chance to have a good Reuben, unless it is a Paul Reuben (google it). I am glad I was not the only one who thought it was a tad dry. Perhaps it needed more 1000 Island dressing. The reason we ended up at Jason's Deli was because we had planned on dining at the Applebee's but we too were shocked to learn that it had closed down. I guess it is just another casualty of the "poor economy". If you are looking for a good Muffaletta you should try the ones at The House of Pizza. I had one there a few weeks back and found it to be rather good. You can attempt to make one at home, HEB sells some decent Olive Tampenade and bruchetta in the pasta isle next to the pasta sauce.

Holly said...

Muffalettas are great at Angelo's out near Boerne. They are HUGE!!!! I can only eat like 1/4 at a sitting. yummy!!!!

Angelo Restaurant
24165 W Ih 10 # 433
San Antonio, TX 78257

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