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Friday, September 14, 2007

Friday NIght Report: Sunset and Vittles...

Okay, work with me here.

We were driving home from a so-so visit to Applebee's (more in a second) and my wife noticed this cool looking scene along Grissom Road with the sun hiding behind some clouds.

Is it just me, or does it look like my big dog and little dog laying down in the back yard sunning themselves? I don't know. You hear about people who get visions of The Virgin in their toast or an appearance of Jesus in a a splotch of bird crap on their car windshield. I see dogs in the clouds.

Oh, before I left for work today, my wife had this idea of hitting Chilis for an early dinner this evening. On the way home, I called to tell her I was inbound and she said we ought to change up things a bit and go see Applebee's.

I don't have anything bad to say about Applebee's, although it does seem like they are revamping their "from the freezer to the microwave to your table" menu about every month or two. I tried the Bruschetta Burger. According to the menu, "This 100% Angus burger is juicy, robust—and like no other. It's crowned with a zesty pesto sauce and fresh bruschetta mix, and set on thick wedges of mozzarella. Served between grilled foccacia bread for a delicious crunch. Crispy garlic fries sprinkled with shaved Parmesan complete this classic."

The French fries seemed to be thrown in a small cup and mixed with shredded garlic bread. I suppose, but the appearance made me think that perhaps some earlier customer had left some fries and another customer had left some garlic bread and some crafty cook in the back mixed them together to make my dinner.

But, not bad at all. My hat is off to the creative genius who recycled that into a tasty treat.

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