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Monday, September 17, 2007

Arts & Crafts Report: Challenge Coin Holder

My wife has been bugging me to build a display rack for our growing collection of challenge coins. If you aren't familiar with what these are, you can learn about them here.

I had always been more of coffee mug and later, shot glass collector during my years in the military, but toward the end of my career, people started giving out coins more frequently. I think this has a lot to do with the fact that the coins can be made for a lot less money with new technology. Now, most military units and often commanders and First Sergeant's have unique coins to give out as mementos.

Anyway, between me and my kids, we have a few worth looking at from time to time and my wife wanted to have a display for them. We had seen a display for sale for about $75.00 and I casually said I could make one for a lot less.

Note to self: Shut up.

Okay, so after lots of gentle reminders by my wife, she coerced me into a trip to Home Depot to buy wood. I wanted to build one in oak but thought it might be smart to create a "practice" version in cheaper wood. What follows is what I did:
First, I had to bust out a few tools I haven't used in a while. Notice the table? We bought that at a garage sale on Saturday for $5.00. What a deal. Also, notice the box of router bits? My wife bought them for me two or three Christmas's ago. This was the first time I used one of them. And of course, the bit I needed broke half-way through the project, so I had to run back to Home Depot to grab a new bit.Anyway, the design was to create two rows of slots to hold coins, then stack the boards on top of each other to create three levels. After that, I screwed the boards together (I couldn't find the wood glue, so I used screws). Then, a little stain action.And finally, put the coins up for display.I really wanted to do this one for practice so I wouldn't ruin a good piece of wood, but since my wife was happy with this version, I'd say it was done quick and easy.

What did you build this weekend? Tell me about it.


Anonymous said...

This weekend I decided after a long time of looking at my cheap and easy attempt to landscape my front yard to go ahead and do it up right. The trip to Lowes started Sat 9am and after 2hrs and 450.00 dollars later I felt that I had more than enough bricks, weed block, mulch,decomposed granite (I never knew granite decomposed) and various odds & ends to get the job done.

Once home I realized that the shopping was the easy part. 3days and 2 other trips for more bricks,mulch,granite and "Block Lock" (a new age mortar or so I was told) and the Job is done. My back and knees will probably never quite be the same. Now as I sit out in my front yard and say to myself how much better it looks, along comes a neighborhood dog and Marks each new plant and various spots along the brick that he thinks needed attention.

Guy D. Pucci

Dave said...

Send us a pic of your fancy landscaping...

We have been trying to get the motivation to do something like that but always find an excuse - like a garage sale or a restaurant to keep us from getting started!

Shorty said...

I found myself not building, but putting together a shelving unit for our electronic devices. I say put together and not build because I needed no tools whatsoever. One of these days I will tackle my dream project of floor to ceiling bookshelves, because gods know I need them.

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