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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Parade Report: Mexican Independence in Wichita Falls - A Week Early...

We got up Saturday morning and when I walked out into the hall way, I could see the street in front of our hotel being blocked off. A trailer had been parked directly across the street and a podium and seats were being set-up in a fashion similar to a rally or something. I wondered to myself if a delegation of vagabonds was going to protest the lack of soup kitchens or some such madness.

I waltzed down to the front desk so as to inquire within, and none of the assembled staff had a clue as to what was transpiring. Being the curious type, I headed across the street to discuss same with a gentleman setting up a sound mixer and microphones. As if I were Sam Donaldson or some other obnoxious reporter, I held my crappy digital camera in front of me and asked the gentleman what all the commotion was about, and why would microphones and podiums be needed? He helpfully informed me that they were having a parade to celebrate Mexican Independence. I asked him, "From Wichita Falls?" and he promptly laughed telling me no, from Spain.

Now I'm no math expert but I quickly ran upstairs to ask my wife if it was already the 16th of September, and she informed me that it was not. So, as close as we could figure, either the people in Wichita Falls were off on the dates, or all the Mexican people of Wichita Falls will be busy watching the Cowboys next Sunday, and figured they would knock it out on Saturday the 8th. That is flexibility if you ask me, and I like flexibility.

The good news is, I like a nice parade and we had great seats. So, without further ado - a few pictures of the event.

No Parade is complete without a visit from the fire department - Wichita Falls finest...
Lots of nice pick-ups and flags and traditional costumes... High School bands were out in force...And it is good to know that there are portly children everywhere, not just San Antonio.I should mention that at the beginning of the parade, a kind lady annouced that parents should keep an eye on the little ones as some of the parade participants would be passing out candy. And all of the sudden, it was on!This little kid seemed to notice before others!Then suddenly, as if an unexpected verdict had been reached in the Phil Specter trial, there was near pandimonium of youngsters scrambling everywhere... As some kids ignored all rules of civility, others seemed to look for guidance from parents... And then some parents even joined the fray... Finally, one young man had put a halt to the chaos by simply taking all the candy from the other little children. Thank God, it was over.I was proud to salute the Mexican-American Vets as they passed by, in honor of my late father-in-law, who served in Korea.No parade is complete without representation from the Boy Scouts. This proud troop reminded me of our own recent GNW Labor Day Parade and the Scouts who came out.Perhaps at our next parade, the Scouts can have thier own go-kart to enter.Cheerleaders got the crowd back into the spirit following the short mele'...
And then tiny little people dressed in traditional Mexican outfits made an appearance.I don't believe this is the actual Taco Bell dog, at least he didn't talk like him, but the crowd cheered wildly as he walked by. As a side note, they should make tiny little Chihuahua jock straps. This little doggy was swingin'.This parade had many really unique automobiles as participants...Clowns in Clown cars...People on horses...I'm not sure this dude was actually in the parade, but he had a flag, so his bike fit right in...And Grizzly Adams here looks as though he walked off quite a few pounds down the route...And when all was said and done... we danced.
Well, some people danced. We went gambling at the Indian Casinos in Oklahoma.

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