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Monday, September 3, 2007

Labor Day Report: Parade in the Great Northwest

As a make-up for the annual 4th of July parade that had to be canceled due to inclement weather, the Board and Staff of the Great Northwest Community Improvement Association put on the 1st annual Labor Day Parade this morning. Though the sky was a tad bit cloudy, rain failed to put a damper on the assembled parade participants or the crowd that gathered along the route to watch the patriotic event. Yet another reason to be proud to live in this area.

The parade was escorted by members of San Antonio's finest, on motorcycles, patrol cars and truck units.
As the festive parade participants made their way from Zachary Middle School down Timber Path, The Grand Marshall, Mr. Lee Besing was driven in the "mini-'Vette" (or Geo Metro) by fellow board director, Mr. Richard Garcia.
Next, a large group of Scouts who show up for parades, rain or shine, walked, rode, and sang Jodies along the route.Another board director, Mr. Guy Pucci passed in review cool as can be in an old LTD, accompanied by his beautiful pooches!Director Janet Doherty showed the patriotic spirit with her van fully decorated for the occasion.As the parade made its way toward the turn onto Timberwilde and the Lodge, residents of the old folks home enjoyed all the pomp and circumstance.In fact, residents of all ages enjoyed the short but enjoyable parade including this couple who cheered on the parade as it passed in review.When the parade ended at the Lodge, participants readied themselves for a nice Labor Day Picnic.Smells like it's time for a hot dog!

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