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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Dinner Report: Texas Roadhouse

I know it probably seems like all we do is eat out, but really, there was an occasion for our visit to the Texas Roadhouse this evening; my wife opened up her e-mail and there was Spam in the form of a picture of a steak! Thus, when I walked in the door, before I could so much as take off my tie, she reported that we would have to go eat and quick. So, there it goes - proof that Internet Spam works.

We are big fans of Texas Roadhouse; the set-up, the food, the service and most especially, the way they don't sing that ridiculous Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday... the way some other places do. Instead, they cut right to the chase. They make the unfortunate birthday boy or girl sit on a little horse, announce loudly to everyone in the place that so and so has just turned Twenty-One, then lead the assembled guests in a big, "YaaaaHoooo". Not bad.

But, it was not any of our birthday's, so my wife, son and I opted for dinner instead. When you first get there, be prepared to wait unless you call ahead. A little tip: Call ahead to any restaurant you go to these days - you'll appreciate the looks on the faces of people still waiting to be seated when you walk up, state your name and are seated immediately. People waiting in line hate that. Anyway, while others waited, we were seated and got the standard basket of hot fresh bread. No wonder I'm so fat. The only thing I don't care for is the "spread" they give instead of butter. I think it is some sort of whipped butter cinnamon type deal. I say, if you are going to force me to stuff my face with your fresh hot delicious bread, I should slather on several chunks of real butter so as to ease the trip down my pie-hole.

Though I don't really partake of them like I used to, each table is equipped with a bucket of peanuts. Yes, it is cool to throw the shells on the floor, so that alone can keep your little kids certifiably giddy during the course of the meal. My son was no doubt thrilled.

I love the house salad at Texas Roadhouse. I'm not sure how they do it, but the croûtons don't seem as hard as a rock. They aren't soft like plain fresh bread, but they chew very easily, and I like that in a
croûton. The Ranch Dressing must be a house recipe - it is delicious.
My wife got the steak she was craving. We have learned from previous experiences at TRH not to order a bigger steak unless you plan on making a lunch the next day. She got the petite 6 ounce with house salad and steak fries.

My son ordered some sort of chicken salad thing. It was huge, filled with chicken and easily enough for a meal. He seemed a little put off by the overwhelming number of eggs in it and said it was almost like eating egg salad, but that didn't stop him from eating most of it.

I never pass up an opportunity for catfish, so along with the previously described house salad and the baked potato that I'll take for lunch tomorrow, I was extremely pleased with the choice. I have said before how I enjoy good catfish. I'm not going to suggest that TRH makes the best, but you certainly cannot complain about the size of the order or the quality.

Over the years, I have tried most of the different items on the menu at TRH and my only disappointment has been in the green beans and I think the chili. It wasn't that either was bad per se, it was just that they weren't prepared in the style I enjoy. So don't be afraid to try them yourself.

Service was standard - we have had better servers but many far worse. The food was all good (assuming you aren't allergic to eggs) and it was quickly delivered and hot. Easily 3.75 Tasty Treats. Naturally, we skipped dessert so as to be able to squeeze our asses back into the van for the ride home.


Albatross said...

The last time I ate at the Texas Roadhouse, I had a ribeye. Medium-rare.

Man, it was good!

(I skipped dessert, too. That steak was plenty for me.)

Dave said...

Medium-rare. Any further cooking is overkill...so to speak.

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