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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Public Service Report: Timber Path Floods Sometimes...

Oh, who am I kidding? Timber Path Road in between Grissom and Old Grissom floods every time it rains more than a lifeguard drinking beer at a Luau pisses.

So last night as we watched the Jay Leno expose on Senator Larry Craig's tap dance in the men's room and simultaneously enjoyed the rain covering our lawn and filling the aquifer, I knew there would be a good reason to leave a few minutes early for work today.

So, I pull onto Timber Path on the off chance that it might be open, but sure enough, the barricades were up. So, I turn onto Grissom to go towards Culebra.

Now for those of you reading this, that have no idea what I am talking about, please allow me a moment to explain.

There are close to a bazillion people trying to get out of the neighborhoods that make up the Great Northwest and several other communities. On a normal day, this is done by taking various back streets and short cuts and such. The goal is to get to either Bandera Road to our east, Loop 410 to the south, or perhaps Highway 151 via Westover Hills Blvd. But, when it rains, all the shortcuts are basically blocked and you have to use Culebra Road to make the exit. This triples the amount of traffic at the intersection of Culebra, 471, Grissom and Tezel

The traffic lights don't recognize the change.

Okay. So here is my public service announcement: Please understand that everyone is trying to get to work in a safe and courteous manner. Everyone knows that the traffic has tripled. Nobody is amused by anyone trying to be an inconsiderate sphincter by simply bypassing the the half-mile long line in the turning lane so you can force your way into the turn at the last minute. Having a fuel efficient car does not help your case.

Case in point. As I waited through 7 cycles of the traffic light at Culebra/Grissom/Tezel/471 (don't get me started with street naming conventions), I calmly and nicely listened to re-runs of Lisle and Hahn. As I made it to within a thousand feet of the actual intersection, an inconsiderate asshat (that's Internet lingo) in a white VW felt that it was more important for the rest of us to wait, so he or she could simply bypass the ten minute long wait, and cut in front.

People, this is how road-rage gets started. You think your time is more important than my time.

Don't get me wrong. I can appreciate if you didn't know, and hey, someone is nice and lets you in as a courtesy, that's fine. But in the case of this VW, they actually stopped the flow of traffic in the non-turning lane so they could force their way into the turning lane, ahead of all the people who had respectfully waited their turn.

I've got news for you buddy: My van already has a tiny scratch on the front passenger side fender where my wife scraped a pole. It needs to get fixed sooner or later and I don't mind your insurance company paying for it.

So, long story short - VW didn't get into the turning lane on my watch. And I'm pretty sure it may have taken a while with all the other pissed off people behind me watching these inappropriate and inconsiderate antics.

Play nice out there and by all means, turn around, don't drown.

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