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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Dinner Report: We do eat at home...

I have often made light of the fact that this blog is less about our neighborhood and more about the restaurants we eat at, but when a neighbor mentions that they read this blog for directions to their next meal, it is important that I do a quick documentary on the norm!

In other words, we do eat at home!!!

So, as proof, check out our half-time (Cowboys-Dolphins) meal earlier this evening.

And there you have it. Steak doused in Monterrey Steak seasoning and olive oil to coat it; some shrimp soaked in soy, lime and garlic, grilled as I pulled the steak off the grill, and baked potatoes covered in Season-All and cheese.

I promise you; none of the restaurants we frequent can come close to this tasty treat.

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