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Thursday, September 20, 2007

GNW CIA Meeting Report: We did Attend - Notes to Come...

I was joined by several neighbors and lots of residents this evening for the meeting of The Great Northwest Community Improvement Association. It is budget time and I'm sorry to say, I couldn't stay for the entire meeting which will probably wrap up around 1AM or so.

Suffice it to say, I will collect my notes and provide you with a round up of the events by tomorrow afternoon, but in the mean time, you should be proud to know that many of your neighbors are interested in how the assessment fees you pay are going to be spent.

A special thanks to the board directors who made it to the meeting. I must tell you that they handled the peanut gallery with great respect this evening, especially when I wouldn't have blamed them for getting rowdy! I'll tell you about that tomorrow.


Lee said...

Actually, we finished up the budget (for now) around 9:50pm, moved on to the remainder of that night's agenda (i.e. approving 2 of 3 meeting minutes from 09/06 and 09/13, tabled minutes from 09/08 until the next meeting), then moved into closed session where we made decisions about reducing our finalists down to just a few names, etc. We got out of there around 10:45pm, way before 1am.

Copies of the budget line items (in printed Excel spreadsheet format) are available from the office for any member to read. We'll be discussing the proposed draft budget further at the October 4th meeting, in addition to possibly deciding to make an employment offer to our first choice finalist for the CM position.

Dave said...

Great info and glad to hear you could get out at a reasonable hour.

It will be interesting to see how the hiring of the new CM will impact the train of thought on the budget.

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