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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Lunch Report: Schilo's...

Bust out the Tasty Treats; I finally made it downtown to eat at Schilo's Delicatessen on Commerce Street.

If you have read this blog for the occasional reviews of places my wife and I eat, you know that I have a thing for a good Reuben Sandwich. I can't even explain why I like Reuben's, since I don't think I had one before the age of forty, but since the first one while on a trip to DC, I can't seem to stop wanting to find, the best one.

Schilo's has been in San Antonio since the early 1900's, and continues to be a favorite amongst people who recommend a place for lunch downtown.

Since we were attending the Houston Street Market & Fair anyway, we thought we would skip the funnel cakes and Margaritas and instead enjoy some sandwiches and root beer.
I love the interior of the place. I could see this being a good place to film a scene in a movie. We chose to sit in a booth, but the tables were easily movable so you could accommodate a couple or a family.I ordered up a root beer and I have to tell you, it was awesome. I don't really go for sodas, usually opting for an unsweetened iced tea, but I had heard that the root beer at Schilo's is a definite must. It was great. Don't drink it too fast though, only one refill comes with a purchase.

Naturally, I ordered the Reuben and opted to try the hot potato salad. Not hot as in spicy, but hot as in they serve it to you hot.
I was so eager to eat the Reuben, but I took my time and ate the potato salad so I would not try the sandwich in a state of hunger. I had never experienced it this way. It was very good, but I'm gonna try the cold tater salad on the next visit. My Reuben was simply awesome. They do not skimp on size; it was a full meal for sure. The sandwich came cut in halves, and having tempered my appetite with the hot potato salad, I was ready to taste the Reuben in a way that a sophisticated wine connoisseur might inspect a solid bottle of T-Bird 2007. I simply inhaled the first half of the Reuben and quite nearly lost consciousness.

Having regained my composure, I proceeded to slowly and methodically enjoy every bite of the second half, occasionally stopping to sip from the root beer mug before me.
Meanwhile, my wife had ordered up the Club sandwich, and as much as I was enjoying my sandwich, she was equally pleased with hers. The Club has some sort of thick bacon on it that really gave it a great taste. Yes, I ate some of her sandwich too. I don't know if they use Hellman's or some special home made mayo, but it was creamy and tasty.The service was top notch. Our order was in and out and considering the place was pretty full, we expected a long wait. We didn't partake in any of the dessert, but imagine one of the pies in the deli case covered with ice cream! Good food, good atmosphere. Eeee-yum from my wife, and an easy Tasty Treat from me. What should we try next time? Tell me about it.

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Albatross said...

Oh yeah. Reubens at Schilo's. You cannot go wrong there.


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