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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Strange in WHMC Report: What the Hell?

I had a routine appointment at the hospital today and came upon this little gem parked in front of me. Look, if you ask my wife, she'll tell you that my office is a pig sty, so I have no room to call anyone out on their lack of tidiness. But c'mon people!This car has all the signs of a serious pack rat. I fully expected to smell dead bodies hidden in the trunk, what with it loaded down with some enormous weight, but with the wind, I couldn't sniff out any crime worth reporting.This person obviously drives alone - no possible place for a passenger to call shotgun...And there surely won't be any shenanigans taking place in the back seat of this car either!



Maureen said...

Are they reading those as they speed down 410? Holy crap, that's just creepy strange. My backseat gets a little messy, but thanks for posting this, because now I feel really good about myself!

Albatross said...

Haw! I saw a car like that parked next to San Pedro Park once. Just like this one, the back was literally full of stuff!

By the way, how long do you think it would take to fill a car with normal everyday junk while just going about your normal everyday activities?

I'm gonna say at least a couple of years.

Anonymous said...

Wow Dave, it was just the other day I was looking at the interior of my car and thought, "2 kids ago my car would have never looked like this" I was staring at cheerios, blueberry puffs, action figures, yu-gi-oh cards and what I believe to be missing homework assignments. Thanks for making me feel better about myself!


Blonde Goddess said...

My car looks like a pack of wild dogs live in it. It's always full of kids and God only knows that you'd think they'd stop chewing up the seats and licking the windows now that they're in high school BUT no such luck....

M2 said...

Hey! Don't make fun of my car!

Cheers! M2

Anonymous said...

Shenanigans? Wasn't that a Swap Bar? That word makes me giggle.The only reason your office is 1/2 way clean is because you go to work and I take over hehe.

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