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Monday, February 4, 2008

A Total Breakdown in Society: Proof in a Parking Lot...

On a routine visit to the dry-cleaners to pick up some laundry, I witnessed in a matter of seconds, proof that we are experiencing a total breakdown in the societal norms which allow us to be able to live together without clubbing one another over our heads. Because I keep my camera handy for moments such as this, I can provide the evidence you need.First, this is the sort of thing that you simply shake your head at. An inconsiderate person simply pulls into an available parking space without any notion that the lines were nicely drawn so as to assist him or her in the decision process on how best to situate the vehicle to best accommodate other vehicles whose owners may wish to park similarly. Here, good society has gone out of its way to help guide individuals into what can reasonably be agreed upon as the best use of space for everyone. Instead, our friend here parks in front of the Dry Cleaning Station taking two spaces.

Of course, you say, if they are just running in and out of the cleaners to pick up the laundry, how long could it possibly take? Well, if the person who parked in front of the cleaners had actually gone in to the cleaners, perhaps only a few seconds. But in this case, when I walked into the cleaners myself, they were not there. Probably a good thing to. Though I am the calm one who simply takes pictures, my wife let loose with a verbal thrashing of the inconsiderate person for all to hear.

But poor parking is mere child's play.

What kind of impatient bastard takes a dump in the middle of a parking lot?
As I delicately stepped out the door of my vehicle, I spotted the foul evidence and loudly proclaimed, Oh! My! God! Eager to learn what I was OMG'ing about, my wife came to my side of the van to investigate what I had witnessed. In short order, she assed this to be Rottweiler poo and not the result of some poorly placed human defecation. WTF? Am I living in Animal Planet and is my wife suddenly an expert on the scat habits of large breed vicious dogs? Don't e-mail, I know Rottweilers are all friendly, it's just the owners that are bad.

Look, I've seen a Rottweiler take a dump on a street once while we were visiting my sister-in-law in Rockport; The beast just wandered down the middle of the street and looked at us and left about a foot long steamer that resembled an 8 day old banana. He actually looked at us and smiled when he did it. Now I know this might lead one to believe that it is a normal habit for a Rottweiler to crap on asphalt, but having viewed the aforementioned "business" and compared it to what someone left in the parking lot in front of the dry cleaners, I'm not so sure this wasn't the result of either a homeless guy or perhaps a young child being held up by a parent eager to avoid an accident in the pants.

Either way, like the truck driver who couldn't be bothered with parking between the lines, the person who left this little deposit has no respect for the people - the society that they live among.

And let's just say that maybe it was a Rottweiler, shouldn't that thing be on a leash?

Oh, and in case you are wondering, no, the sty that I had in my eye a while back did not come from watching that dog in Rockport poop on the street.

Attention PETA: No animals were harmed in providing proof of the total breakdown of society.


Albatross said...

That F-150 Spurs fan sure knows how to whip it into a parking space. :-P

Blonde Goddess said...

That whole parking thing really pisses me off too.
On Elderly Hell day there's seven cars parked in twenty spaces...I kid you not!

Anonymous said...

where are the ole mall patrol giesers when one is needed..driving around..taking naps..eating..maybe you should of had your wife give him a few choice words..how rude..people are so uncaring and irresposible..this world..makes the third world alot cleaner..at least they have an excuse..

M2 said...

Yeah, it's too bad we can't shoot the stupid! If we could, I would be spending all my money on ammo!

By the way, why is it that people in little plastic cars think it is OK to not yield and pull out in front of an all-steel Jeep that will crush them like the little girly men/women they are? I get more idiots that want to risk their lives by trying to save 0.5 seconds via running a stop sign or red light. One of these days I am just not gonna go for the brake, and let teach them the error of their ways. The only thing keeping me from doing that is the fact that 2/3rds of them most likely don't have insurance...

Cheers! M2

Dave said...

I'm just here to report the goofy things I see. It is quite a bonus when others can see the same "shit" (pun certainly intended) and vent a little too.

I have long held the view that we should each be issued BB guns and Paint Ball guns and be authorized free-fire for any act of stupidity we witness.

BB Gun shots are punitive in nature (taggers, people who take up multiple car slots), the paint ball bursts are to let other people know you have been identified as a dumbass (people who fail to yield, people who have not learned to merge, people who can't distinguish Red from Green).

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