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Saturday, February 2, 2008

Two Goofy Things...

I can't explain why I find things funny when other people don't seem to get it, but today, my wife and I saw some goofy scenes caught on camera as we were on our way to and from HEB.First, if you ever needed a poster for the difference in the health benefits of riding a bicycle versus a motorcycle, here you go.Second, this nice little lady was just minding her own business walking down the sidewalk, but her floppy hat on a windy day just gave us both a giggle.


Maureen said...

OMG, if I show up on here we are so not friends anymore!! I am going to be completely paranoid on my walks, or at the store. And don't come take any pics of my dead plants on my porch!! It's not funny that between me and the weather, over half of them are goners.

Dave said...

Very simple and easy to follow rule: Don't do anything goofy!

Maureen said...

That's just it. My picture is in the dictionary under the word "goofy."

I'm doomed.........

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