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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

GNWatch Update: Park Police to Speak...

If you have been following neighborhood related news, you may recall that I have been tagged to help coordinate our neighborhood watch group. I've started a campaign of calling people on an old list I have to confirm they are still living in the GNW and if they want to still be active in the Watch.

Okay, here is a little advice: E-mail does not work. I don't know if my e-mails go directly into some Spam filter or if people look at them and just delete them for cause, but attempting to contact people you have never met face to face by e-mail just does not work.

Calling people is a little better but, 1) I hate talking on the phone for a number of reasons not worth getting into, and 2) I hate to call people during what might be their dinner time or their TV watching time or whatever. So, that leads me back to e-mail, and it just doesn't work.

So, maybe a few people in my neighborhood will happen upon this Blog. If you do, I'd like to let you know that I can now confirm, Chief Steven Baum of the San Antonio Park Police will be our speaker on Wednesday, the 27th of February at 7:30PM, Lodge of the Great Northwest.

If you have any questions about Oscar Perez Memorial Park or the associated tagging (graffiti) there, now is the time to come and talk to the man who is popping the perps.

Need more info? E-mail me.

1 comment:

Anon E. Mouse said...

Email you? But you just said that email doesn't work?

Now which way is it? :)

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