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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Tezel Construction Update: Light at the end of the Tunnel?...

You may recall I mentioned construction being delayed on Tezel Road a while back. Well, I have learned from an authority on everything TxDOT, that there seems to be some immediate action happening.

I know, Immediate hardly seems appropriate for this issue. Nevertheless, this is good news.

I just got word from TxDOT that the contractor will be laying down the final layer of asphalt along Tezel starting today through Friday. After that, the road will be finished, save for the final lane markings, which will be put down in a few weeks after the pavement has fully cured.

For those of you wondering why this project took so long, I did confirm that there were indeed issues with underground utilities. Whenever crews start digging, there's no telling what they'll find: utility lines that aren't where they're supposed to be (or aren't even on the plans), abandoned lines, etc. When that happens, work has to stop and the owner of the problematic line has to be determined and contacted, then plans have to be made for the disposition of the problem, then the work done to actually take care of it. All of that adds significant time. These problems happen quite often in road construction, and there were several such issues on this project.

So there you go. Happy Motoring!


Sid said...

TxDOT... do they ever complete anything in a timely manner? Hooray for the completion of the Tezel project!

Talk about slow? A few years ago, area residents may recall that TxDOT sponsored a contest of sorts to submit a name for the 410/281 Interchange (which is making strides in opening up! Yippee!); however, NOTHING has ever been mentioned as to the winning entry. Is this merely another example of TxDOT's snail pace progress?

I know several people who entered name submissions but have never read or heard anything about the outcome.

Just par for the course for TxDOT I suppose.

Albatross said...


They did pick a name, and they announced it. They decided to call the interchange ...

... The Web.

I know, not very imaginative, and it probably won't stick. But they did pick a name.

Sid said...

Thanks, Albatross.

I must admit, as you say, the WEB is not at all imaginative, but I guess those engineers at TxDOT don't necessarily rely on their creativity to get the highways built.

For as long a period of time as there has been this much needed exchange for these two major roadways, perhaps the interchange should have been called the MIRACLE.

Sid said...
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Sid said...
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Maureen/Sapphire said...

I need to know where to send the bill for my bent rims, the dry cleaning I've had to have done after spilling coffee while trying to dodge all the little pipe things sticking up EVERYWHERE, and punitive damages for same. Sheesh!!

I almost liked it better before it was "fixed." Plus it gets hella flooded out there when it rains for a few minutes.

OK, I feel better now.....glad there is a light and it's not a train....

Dave said...

Wow! Sid had some dupes on the comments so I cleaned them up.

Lot's of people spil't a cup of joe or two along Tezel - let's just hope it will be smooth sailing henceforth.

Anon E. Mouse said...

If you are serious about wanting to file a claim for bent rims, etc., you can file that claim with the City Clerk's Office, or so I've been told in the past. That doesn't mean they will pay it, but apparently there is a process for them to review and pay those bills they feel are caused by the city's action or inaction, such as from potholes. You may need some sort of documentation of what caused the damage, such as a photo of the offending pothole, etc., and of the damage, plus a receipt for having repaired the damage.

Hope that info fills in your pothole, or removes a speed bump for the day!

maureen said...

No, I was actually only kidding, but thanks for the info. I'll just be glad when it's finished because I take Tezel in the mornings on my way to work, while I'm still asleep. ;-]] So, thanks, Mr. or Mrs. Mouse!

Anonymous said...

Eva side
Yesterday I drove to work went though the Tezel route no problem . Today I was late . It wasn't because of the street workers but because of the stupid light that refused to turn green. After Silent Sunrise there is another stoplight (by Stetson Bar).Today I got behind some person that refused to run it for fear of a ticket.I could not get out to even go though the parking lot of the Stetson because of how close people are behind you . If I have to honk at one more person for being stupid I am sure there will be a road rage incident tomorrow morning.This person had traffic backed up and didn't even move for 5 minutes . (Yes I counted the minutes) Funny after I went through the light the person behind me had no problem doing the same. I can't wait till this is all over. I to had to buy 4 new tires already.This was at 9 am. There is no rush hour at 9 am. talk about ridiculous. Tomorrow is another day. Opps Oh yeah, sorry Dave about running a red light but I didn't get a ticket . Happy VD All.

maureen said...

That wasn't me, I can promise you! I will and have run a red light that refuses to change--for example the one at Braun and Old Tezel (?) I think. That one gives me problems some mornings.

By VD you mean Valentine's Day, right? ;-]]

Happy VD Day to y'all, too!

Anonymous said...

Update :
Today no problem going down Tezel. I did find out the light though it was Silent Oaks and by the way there was a cop there today at the light. Hmmmm You think he reads Daves blog and was out to get me:) Yes,VD does mean Valentines Day . My comment was so long I had to cut it somewhere otherwise you would think I was long winded like Dave.Hehe I actually am just in person:)

Good day all .

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