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Saturday, February 2, 2008

A-Team in Action: Tennis Anyone?

Several members of the reinvigorated A-Team busted out paint brushes, rollers and a five-gallon bucket of tennis court green and took action to combat deteriorating wood backboards and give them a face lift until something can be done to replace them.I'm sure tennis players and people driving by the courts at the Lodge of the Great Northwest in Silver Creek would agree, the practice backboards looked pretty rough. Though some of the boards have been replaced, the paint was not consistent and it all needed help. Theses 4 x 8 foot plywood panels allow tennis players to practice their sport and are a standard fixture in most tennis courts. The courts at Silver Creek have a total of 32 4 x 8 sheets, so you can imagine that to scrape and paint them was no minor task. You'll find that even the worst painters around can make a difference, especially when those who are a little better at it are able to cover the minor mistakes of others!In addition to a fresh coat of paint, some minor clean-up and replacing of some tie-wraps helped the courts regain some of the original splendor.This is just one of the type of things you might enjoy helping with in support of the community by offering up some of your time to the A-Team. As we put on the final touches, we were already talking about what new project we might tackle next and how as a group of volunteers, we could get out into the fresh air, enjoy the company of neighbors and do something worthwhile for the community.

Won't you join us?


Lynne said...

Hey! I didn't know Ateam was workin this weekend. I would've come help instead of grocery shopping :) *I hate shopping*

I'll make sure Mike has my email for next time.

Maureen said...

We need to get out and help sometime, too. It sure was a pretty day!

Dave said...

This event was put together at the last minute. Between Mike contacting people and me posting info here, they'll be plenty of notice for the next one for sure.

We are talking about a revisit of the park over in Ridge Creek in a few weeks to do some final touches (additional weed whacking, playground painting etc) and we are even thinking of bringing out a grill so we can throw any varmints we catch on it, cook 'em and eat 'em.

It ought to be fun. Think Feb 23rd...

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