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Monday, February 18, 2008

San Antonio Menu's...

If you notice down at the bottom of this Blog, I have a bunch of links to useful web pages. One of them I recently added under "Sites For San Antonio" is called The Dish on Food.

A new feature on the site provides menu's to many of the restaurants that you have been thinking about visiting, but weren't sure if they had what you were looking for. Now you'll know.

By the way, when you get to the web page, look along the black menu bar just beneath the picture. You see San Antonio Menus. Click on that and you can see the list.


Sid said...

Have you ever tried the Jimmy John's Sandwich shop on Austin Hwy, Dave (a.k.a. "Karaoke King")? I haven't, and actually had never heard of it until I noticed a Jimmy John's opening up on Salk St. in the Medical Center. The menu looks pretty good as far as subways are concerned. (I had to google "Jimmy John's Gourmet Sanwiches" to investigate the place. Apparently, they deliver, so that should make them pretty popular I'd say.)

Hop in the van with Eva, and we'll check out the place some evening as soon as they have the grand opening. I'm anxious to see how Jimmy John's compares to Jared's beloved Subway Sandwich Shop.

Dave said...

We haven't tried it but they sound tasty! I didn't see a Reuben on the menu, but I guess I could get something else...

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