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Monday, February 4, 2008

Super Bowl: Ha Ha!

Up until the last quarter - or even the last five minutes of the last quarter, there wasn't a whole lot of excitement in this years Super Bowl. Not even the highly anticipated commercials were that good. Though, we did get a chuckle out of that Doritos one where the guy sets a mouse trap and sits back, listening to some opera or something and waits for the mouse to get whacked. Then, as soon as he eats a Dorito, a guy in a mouse suit (there was no attempt to make it appear like a big mouse - clearly a guy in a poorly fitted mouse suit) jumps out of the wall and tackles him. Pure genius. Well, compared to most of the others.

So call me a guy looking for a spoiler. I know Tom Brady and the Patriots are a phenomenal team and deserve much credit for their great season. But Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha! I could not have been happier to see them get smacked. Dolphins fans and old players everywhere can rejoice.

We had family over to watch the spectacle and partake of my well-enjoyed pork ribs that I have adapted from a secret recipe I got from the husband of one of my wife's friends. DeeeeLicious.
During half time, we drove down the street to the Lodge of the Great Northwest to check out the festivities at the lodge. Don't tell the NFL, but they put up the game on the huge screen and it looked great! Is it me, or does Tom Petty look like he is about 80? Maybe it was the beard.Some folks from the neighborhood, the Diaz, who own a restaurant and catering service, Taqueria El Nortenito over off of Castroville and 34th provided a free spread for the event. Though we had eaten in the first quarter, my wife and I grabbed some tostadas and let me tell you, the homemade shells and the salsa were great. Turns out, El Nortenito isn't that far from work, so I may have to slip out for lunch and give the full menu a look see.

We went back to the house to finish the game and do some clean-up action and as much as I fully expected the Patriots to simply score a few times and pull ahead, it just didn't work out for them. Again, I simply offer this: Ha Ha!

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