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Friday, February 8, 2008

GNWCIA Meeting Report: Not Much to Say...

My wife and I attended a meeting of the Board of Directors Great Northwest Community Improvement Association (GNWCIA) at the Lodge of the Great Northwest Thursday evening, and I am pleased to provide you with a brief but insightful (or inciteful if you prefer) report on the event.

Lots of routine stuff, those in attendance stood for the pledge, and even the audience members were in pleasant moods.

  • The board members got us a new insurance company - better coverage, 48K less a year. Good job!
  • DRACO reports that a house that has been under construction for at least a year that I know of but has been basically abandoned has been ordered to shape up or be demolished at cost to the owner.
  • Director Mifflin inquired as to the possibility of DRACO providing some sort of listing of complaints they work on so that homeowners could better appreciate that the GNWCIA is working to address complaints
  • Some guy got liquored up and plowed into several houses and parked cars on Cliff Briar. When he attempted to run, irate neighbors tackled him and subdued him until authorities could haul him away. (I fully expected to read about this in Strange in San Antonio, but not as of press time.)
    • The staff of GNW met with homeowners to offer assistance.
  • RecDec Stephanie updated us on kiddie pool covers and some rust colored water caused by possibly damaged pipes
  • Spring Fling is scheduled for probably the end of March
  • Easter Egg hunt to be held the Saturday prior to Easter Sunday
  • Bastards at Ridge Creek Park nearly got caught doing graffiti by Security staff. We now know who some of the punks are and where they live. As do the SAFFE officers.
  • The board gave KUDOS to Mike Yager and the A-Team for continued efforts to revitalize the group
    • Several teenagers asked how they could volunteer to join the A-Team and help with the graffiti problem.
    • Perhaps we can start by giving them the address of the little bastards who live in Northwest Crossing and are coming into our hood to tag
    • Just kidding. Don't write your Councilwoman
  • The guy who was giving us a bid on the purchase and installation of a surveillance system withdrew his bid
The board tabled discussion on policy regarding political signs within the GNW. They also decided to hold off on discussing policy on alcohol at GNW sponsored event since Director Long was not at the session, and she was the person wanting to argue about it.

There were a few minor changes to proposed By Law Amendments to be put forth to residents. Notably, Director Mifflin advised fellow directors that they were not qualified to amend the proposed by laws, after all, a parliamentarian had been paid to guide them in the correct writing of them.
That's his opinion but I found it somewhat offensive that, prior to saying they weren't qualified, he went around the table describing each director by their job title. I suppose with that logic, all homeowners who are not brain surgeons should stay at home on voting day, right? Or perhaps I misunderstood Director Mifflin's intent.

If you want to see what both properly trained By Law writers and inadequately equipped board directors came up with, stop by the Lodge to look at the documents. But you may not be able to comprehend them; dumbass!

And with that, my wife and I left so we could go rewind and watch Lost!

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