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Monday, February 25, 2008

Tree Trimming Report: Timber(Your Street Here)...

People in The Five-Oh will get it. You see, all the streets in my neighborhood start with Timber. So, the play on cutting trees and Timber, but I have used it to also, coincidently to make a play on the street names? Never mind.

What with my failing knees and increasing girth, my wife agreed that it would be in our best interests if I did not shimmy up the trees in our yard and attempt to balance myself while manning a chainsaw.
But, we needed a good trimming and a friend recommended Manuel and the folks over at River City Tree Services to come and hook us up. My front yard was looking pretty shaggy so I was expecting to pay an arm and a leg or two, but we got a great price and were happy with the solid work.These guys got up and cleaned out all the moss balls and shooters from our many scrub oaks. Can you imagine me screwing around up in these trees? Maybe when I was 12.At lunch, they busted out a picnic, then got right back on the job. You gotta appreciate a crew that won't go out and get liquored up then climb your trees and cut all the wrong branches!When it was all said and done, my wife and I and the neighbors agreed, it was a much needed and well done job. You can call Manuel at 725-1116, but hurry; my neighbors are all lined up to get their tress done next.

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