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Saturday, February 9, 2008

Elvis Sighting: Tractor Supply Co, Castroville TX

My wife's favorite store is Tractor Supply Co. and we simply cannot pass by one without making a stop. Apparently, The King can't stay away either.Thank you. Thank you very much.


M2 said...

Ever seen the movie 'Bubba Hotep?'

Cheers! M2

Maureen/Sapphire said...

Will your wife continue the blog when you and your camera get "All Shook Up?" I hope so....I have this place bookmarked. Can't wait to read about lunch.

Anonymous said...

This guy is great! He actually does do Elvis impersonations. He performed at a family get-together not too long ago. Staging, music, outfit and all.

Dave said...

I figured it had to be something like that. Okay, I was hoping it had to be something like that.

I bet he'd be a hoot on Karaoke Night.

The ROCK & BLUES Guitar Blog said...

Are you sure that a picture of me?

Just Kidding, very funny, but I think he needs a guitar. And a Drum roll intro.

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