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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Reminder: GNWatch Meeting 27 Feb 08

If you get bored and got nothing to do tomorrow evening, Wednesday the 27th of February, why don't you take a little jaunt down to the Lodge of the Great Northwest at 8809 Timberwilde in The Five Oh, and join us at 7:30PM to hear Chief Steven Baum and a few of his folks from the San Antonio Park Police. They'll be telling us what they know about Oscar Perez Memorial Park and the happenings in the world of vandalism and tagging, and what they are doing to address the problem.

I have invited our city council member, Delicia Herrera, but have not heard from her or her staff; but hold out hope that she might send a representative to listen in on the meeting.

If none of that interests you but you need some cookies and coffee, come on down!

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Albatross said...

I have an idea: Since a lot of graffiti is done by gang members marking their turf, and gang members do it to be intimidating -- and that's pretty much the motivation of terrorists in general -- let's declare tagging to be a terroristic act and assign it a fitting punishment. Maybe that will dissuade some of the punks from defacing public and private property with spray paint.

Just a thought.

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