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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Lunch Report: Spoonz at HEB Plus on Potranco...

I know this will sound hard to believe coming from this blog, but my wife and I could not find a place that we wanted to eat on Sunday. Don't get me wrong, we have an extensive list of places we want to try, but with timing always being a factor, sometimes we are limited in where we can go. And of course, Sundays are always made harder by the fact that many places just don't open.
After an hour of Google searches, a thorough page-by-page examination of our Entertainment coupon book, and quite frankly, a little disgust with the whole situation, we decided to just go and do our HEB Plus shopping and grab a bite at the Spoonz Diner.

Side Note: We could have easily had ham and turkey leftovers, but really, how much of that stuff can you take?
We've had Spoonz before and generally, I have a pretty good opinion of them. The place is clean, they have a fairly good selection, and it is all pretty reasonable. As long as you keep in mind, it is a diner in a grocery store.
We wanted to make it quick so we both ordered the Angus Burger Combo Meal situation. I added bacon to mine. It made us laugh that the Angus burgers were actually those frozen patties that HEB sells in the frozen section. Why not?
First off, you have to give them credit. I think the Spoonz folks go out of their way to offer up a good looking bun - toasted on the grill even, and served with fresh lettuce, pickle & tomato. My bacon was large and thick, though a little chewy for some reason. And the fries they serve are just wonderful.
My complaint with this was, the burger itself comes out dry and overcooked. I can't tell if this is because they are required to cook it really, really, well done for legal reasons, or if it is already cooked well done and they just heat it up on the grill for too long to avoid having you bite into a frozen piece of cooked meat.

Either way, I would have gladly taken the fries and the bun with fixin's home, and plopped my own burger onto it.

I knew I should have ordered the Reuben.


Four Dinners said...

I have already eaten and I am far too fat already.

This post doesn't help.



Anonymous said...

Eva says

You can tell my sugarbooger only takes me to the finer places in life. hehehe Atleast I got to people watch.

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