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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Hot Chocolate Report: Santa in the House...

The annual Great Northwest Hot Chocolate Social proved once again the place to be for children of all ages.

It was standing room only at the Lodge of the Great Northwest on Thursday the 10th of December, as hundreds of eager youngsters with parents and grandparents in tow waited patiently for the all important visit with Santa Claus.

To keep the waiting crowd of the young and young at heart entertained during the wait; the Great Northwest Sounds musical group performed a host of their holiday favorites. Outfitted in festive Christmas uniforms, the Sounds had happy children and adults tapping toes and singing along to the music.

A group of volunteers assembled by Jose Morlett served up delightful cookies and smooth hot chocolate to help battle the chilly temperatures just outside the lodge.

Once again the volunteer spirit of GNW residents was evident as special elves photographed children during their time in the spotlight with Santa, then presented the parents with a printed photo for the family album.

UPDATE: Reader Anon E. Mouse has posted some video from the event on YouTube.


Anon E. Mouse said...

I've posted a video from the Great Northwest Hot Chocolate Social on Youtube...

Here is the link..

About 5 minutes long...

Dave said...

I've posted a video from the Great Northwest Hot Chocolate Social on Youtube...

Thanks - I've embedded in the post.

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