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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve Spirit: Friendly Mall Patrons...

I just love how people take this special time of the year to bend over backwards in an effort to display goodwill toward their fellow man. How thoughtful of all the shoppers at Ingram Park Mall (why I would even go there is still a mystery), to allow this one person to take two full parking spots for his compact size car.
I know, shoppers everywhere understand the need for a guy in his little Honda to avoid nicks to the paint or the possibility of anyone brushing up against it as they load packages into their own cars. People in our fair village are just that kind and thoughtful.

Frankly, I hope the jerk gets a lump of coal in his stocking, and perhaps a flat tire.


Maureen said...

Give him a break. He probably THOUGHT he parked great, after all the JD and Coke he just finished consuming. It's San Antonio, after all.

Sabra said...

I have always thought it should be legal--and even encouraged--to key people who park like that.

Ingram is a bear even on the deadest of days. I slightly prefer taking the bus, but for the fact that I then have to risk life and limb for the entire length of the parking lot.

frankvw said...

I would have gotten some of my friends help to pick it up and move it over a few rows (or better yet, illegally park it). Not that we did that in college or anything.....

Albatross said...

Yeah. It's not like it's a Maserati or anything. It's a Honda, for Pete's sake!

Coal for sure.

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