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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Saturday Report: Odds & Ends...

My wife and I had to make an emergency run to Gordon's Jewelers in Ingram Mall Saturday morning. I don't want to get into specifics of it, but I'm pretty much tired of diamonds falling out of the rings in our house. It isn't like my wife is doing construction or something. We've taken one ring in particular back three times this year to have diamonds replaced, and at some point, a husband just has to put his foot down. So $1,500 later...
While I was standing in Gordon's waiting for those people to take my money, I could not help but notice this fellow working at a place called Soapranos. I don't have the faintest idea what it is they sell, though the thought of soap came to mind. Anyway, this guy was holding a little strip of something, I guess a sample of some sort that he was trying to encourage passersby to sniff, I guess. As I watched this go on, people just kept blowing him off and it was really upsetting the poor guy. He would run from side to side of his kiosk hoping that if he darted out as someone approached, they would feel compelled to stop and sniff his sample. Sniff his sample. Maybe there is a better way to phrase that.
Anyway, during the close to 10 minutes I sat there watching the guy, it was not until we were walking out the door that he trapped someone into sniffing the stuff. The rest of the people either totally acted like he was not there, ignoring him completely, or semi-politely said "No thanks" or gave him the old wrinkled eyebrow look that conveys, "Don't get near me with your sample."

This made me think of those people standing on corners with those big signs trying to get drivers to pull into a business. Either a new home development, a going out of business and everything must go situation or the standard tax preparation service. What do suppose a gig like that pays?
And doesn't seeing Santa just make you want to get your car washed?
Oh, and speaking of cars. I loved this fancy way of mounting the required by law front license plate on a car. It's the new rage. I'm gonna go get some tie-straps and customize my truck today!

We stopped into Cheddar's yesterday just to grab a quick bite and decided on their burgers. At $4.99, I'd say it is a pretty good deal. Anyway, we remembered one time when we went and the french fries were really piled on, so because they charge separate for the fries, we decided to get just one order and share them.
This is the actual order of fries that we received with my burger. Yes, that is a normal, sensible size of fries for a small child eating a Happy Meal, but it was the least amount of fries I have ever seen served, especially considering I had to pay extra! We really laughed when we saw them.
What was funnier was when I asked the waiter to bring out some honey mustard to dip the fries in, he brought enough to slather each individual fry, fully coated, and still have enough left over for a Christmas ham.


Deb said...

I have about as much sympathy for the telemarketers as I do for those hawkers at the mall. I'm easily accosted by five or six of them in one trip to the mall. It is terribly annoying, and I wouldn't mind if all the kiosk owners were killed and eaten. Oh yeah, and bah humbug.

Dave said...

and I wouldn't mind if all the kiosk owners were killed and eaten

Oh, c'mon. You have to admit, it is entertaining to watch from a distance.

Lora said...

The guy dancing to get you into the tax office made a dollar more an hour than the senior tax people. That is how important they are to the business.

BTW did you know that Five Guys burgers is already hiring over on 151 near the Egg & I? Turning into burger heaven with Freddy's, Smashburger and Five guys so close together. And Shipley's doughnuts in FINALLY hiring....

frankvw said...

So how was your wait at Cheddars? Last time we went it took forever to get our food, despite being seated right away. Wait staff just stood around talking to themselves while my tea glass went unfilled.

Went to Smashburger two weekends ago and that was a real good and juicy burger. It's making my mouth water thinking about it.

Dave said...

So how was your wait at Cheddars?

Actually, we walked right in and the wait for the food was not bad. We ended up ordering a dessert to share and the waiter warned us it would be about ten minutes. It was much more like 15. Apparently, they really do make the cookies fresh and churn the ice cream while you wait.

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