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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Almost Lunch Report: Bubba's...

We continue to try to use our Entertainment Book to take advantage of the deals on lunch and often this is a deciding factor in where we end up eating.
Today, my wife and I took a drive with our son (in town seeking refuge from the OKC snowstorm and Christmas), and decided on trying out Bubba's, a place we drive by each time we pass the airport.
Even if you have a coupon, there is no guarantee they will take it. Especially if a bulldozer has leveled the place. See that pile of rubble just in front of the hotel? That is Bubba's. Or I should say, that was...

Must not have been a Tasty Treat after all.


RB said...

I'm glad your son made it out of OKC. It was actually a pretty good storm. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Dave said...

Yea - well now he has to make it back! Let's hope things have melted a bit.

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