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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Dinner Report: Papa Murphy's Chicago Style...

I continue to be pleased with the quality and price of Papa Murphy's pizza, you know, the kind they prepare at their shop, then you take home and bake at your leisure. Tonight, my wife picked up huge Chicago Style pizza for only $9.00 and it was awesome.

But first, the complaint: The other day when we were at HEB Plus, we happened to see a sign at the Papa Murphy's on Potranco that said something about Customer Appreciation day on Tuesday. I suppose they offered some special deal that caught my wife's attention, so she went to our regular Papa Murphy's on Culebra and 1604 to get in on it. Turns out, they only appreciate the customers at Potranco, not any of the other stores. Whatever. I submit they have the best deal on pizza, period.
Anyway, since she couldn't get whatever the special customer appreciation deal was, she ordered the huge Chicago Style pizza, regular $13.99 for a large (which is way more than even four people ought to be able to legally eat, much less two) for $9. You just take it home, toss it in your oven, and a few minutes later it is resting itself on your hips and thighs.
The pizza is one of those stuffed with two layers of dough. It comes with Salami, Pepperoni, Italian Sausage, Ground beef, Roma tomatoes, sauce, mozzarella and onions. She substituted spinach for the onions.
Seriously, if you haven't given Papa Murphy's a shot over the usual Pizza Hut or Domino's, you really ought to. Otherwise, you're missing out on a Tasty Treat!


frankvw said...

That's absolutely hilarious. I did exactly the same thing this evening. Went to the 1604 and Culebra Papa Murphy's expecting to get a $4 pizza only to be met with puzzled looks by the employees. I also left with a Chicago Style pizza. The first time I tried this particular kind and it was quite tasty, and filling. Great minds think alike.

Anonymous said...

Actually it was 9.99

Anonymous said...

You and Eva should try the Mongolian Grill next to The Egg & I. You can order a little bowl or an all you can eat big bowl. Then you go through the line and spoon in the various meats you want. They have chicken, pork, beef, crab, shrimp, etc. Then you pile on your veggies. Then you pick your sauces. At the end of the line, the chef cooks them up for you. You can be creative and throw in a bunch of your own stuff, or you can follow one of the "recipes" on the wall. Check it out!


Anonymous said...

Eva says ..

Sounds very interesting:) For the record I only had on slice of that pizza. We had to give some to my neighbors and mom . It was really good but just a bit heavy ..I love Papa Murphy's thin and crispy cheese pizza . I taste like it is on a cracker .MMM

Kim said...

I love Papa Murphy's. I have never had the Chicago style pizza but will defintely have to give it a try. I have had numerous types of pizzas from there and have not had a bad one yet.
If I had to choose I think that the garlic, ranch chicken (something like that??) is my favorite.
Great review

Pizza Coupons said...

That look even better than the pizza they make at some of those high class kitchens. Way cool man!

Deep Forest said...

Dave..you can sustitute ingredients in those pizzas???

Dave said...

Dave..you can substitute ingredients in those pizzas???

Of course. They make the pizza right before your eyes. You can go with the menu selection or mix it up. Sometimes, we even order the medium size pizza but have them stretch it into a large, just because we prefer thinner crust. No extra charge!

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