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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Lunch Report: Eva's Trip to Western Broiler

During my wife's recent adventure out and about with her camera at the ready, she, along with her mother and nephew in tow, checked out the coolness at Krazy Vatos, then stopped in to check out some cool cars at San Antonio Shoes on Zarzamora. Of course, all that excitement generates an appetite, so when one is in the area, why not lunch at Western Broiler on Kirk?
It has been years since I was in Western Broiler, but it used to be a favorite meeting place for lunch. Located at Frio City Road and Kirk Place, it isn't far from the old Kelly AFB (now Port San Antonio), and they would do a brisk lunch business and get people in and out of there in a hurry. I always had the fish lunch, so I'm not sure I even know what else they serve.
Inside, the place looks about the same it did probably when it was opened, who knows, 50 years ago? But that is part of the charm. Need to pee, gotta head outside. I think that cuts down on the over indulgence of iced tea refills.
Like many of the places we enjoy, Western Broiler still has the old style seating at the counter. This is great for the person who wants to dine alone or the regular who needs to catch up on the latest gossip with the waitstaff.
On this little lunch outing, the lunch would be about the same. My wife had the fish lunch with fries and a small salad (which has always been good). My mother-in-law opted for the green beans (which I love) and the mashed potatoes with gravy. Both had corn bread with lunch.
Mmmm, smell the lovely blue tree. Along for the ride and lunch, my nephew picked up the cheeseburger and I am told it was a solid substitute for the standard Happy Meal action he might have expected.
Oh, and on a final note, if you like tarter sauce with your fish, they will give you all you need. But please, put it on the fish, don't just eat it from the bowl. Geeze, Gramma, we can't take you anywhere!

Have you been to Western Broiler? What is your favorite lunch, or are you more of a biscuits for breakfast type? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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Anonymous said...

Eva says :)
I believe the cutest part of the whole adventure was watching my 10 year old nephew not quite finish his burger so he opted to get two fresh napkins and wrap up the rest ever so gently and stuff it into his pocket for later. You can tell this kid has had experience dinning adventures with senior citizens. When I asked him about it he said Oh that is a snack for later don't ya know ...What a little ole man he is ...

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