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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Dexter Season Finale: Holy Crap!

My wife and I just finished watching the final episode of season 4 of Dexter. We were so totally not expecting that.

I shan't say another word for those of you who either DVR or are a season behind. But if you do not watch Dexter, now is the time to get to your Blockbuster or Netflix or someplace, rent the DVD's and get started.

John Lithgow was fabulous, as you would expect, but the twist(s) put in by the writers just made this entire season superb.



Pancho said...

Hello, Dexter Morgan!

Didn't see it coming either.

Gotta watch 1,2 and 3 now....

Four Dinners said...

Never watched it at all. Got a lot of catching up to do as there's a few reckon it's good.

Well...beats working for a living anyroad...;-)

Anonymous said...

Dave! I couldn't believe the ending! I kept yelling no! no! no! I guess she was getting too clingy, but I didn't see it coming. We can usually guess the endings but not this time! Wow! I had weird dreams last night after watching Dexter. Our favorite show of all! Glad you put it in your blog. Thanks!

frankvw said...

If you like surprise endings that you don't see coming, I still have the new Battlestar Galactica DVDs.

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