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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Lunch Report: NY Hot Dogs on Mainland...

I'm not usually in the habit of scouting industrial parks for a good place to eat, but we have driven by this little New York style hot dog place many times, always threatening to stop. Then, I saw an ad for the place in Passages, our local paper and thought we ought to make an effort to try them out.
Sabrett is apparently a popular hot dog brand in New York, and so the owners of this little hot dog place called appropriately, NY Hot Dogs, serve that brand exclusively.
The place is small with only three tables, so don't plan on taking an entire office full for lunch. But we found it to be very clean and very bright. For a minute, I though we had walked into a muffler shop off of Commerce Street or something. It is quite yellow!
We both ordered the combo - a dog, bag of chips and soda for $4.50. Not bad at all. I got the dog with some sort of red onion sauce and brown mustard. It was easily a step above what you get at Exxon Tiger Market for a buck.
My wife added chili and cheese to her dog (they do charge extra for both chili and cheese but other toppings are free). The chili was pretty good.

All in all, for a quick snack, I'd go again. Certainly not the atmosphere of Frankfurter Express, but close to home.

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Deep Forest said...

NY hotdogs is located at 7715 Mainland suite 121, San Antonio, Texas 78250

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