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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Emporium Report: Krazy Vatos...

It should not shock you to learn that, while not as ready to use it as me, my wife does maintain her own camera close by her person for those opportunities when the documenting of a situation is needed. I say not as ready as me because, generally, she would have to dig through her purse to locate said camera, then hope to get a shot off, where I on the other hand can usually grab it, point and click and have a reasonably clear shot in just a second or two. But when she is out and about our fair village without me, she has to think fast and have the camera at the ready. And Wednesday, she did just that.
It all started with watching KENS 5 Great Day SA show and seeing these two Krazy Vatos. What caught her eye were the little Mexican sweet bread pastries displayed during the show.
Turned out, they were little wallets and key-chains made to look like real pan de huevo. And the Krazy Vatos had opened up an emporium of sorts just south of downtown.
She just had to go! With her mother and nephew in tow, she made it to South Presa and Berkshire and found the fairly new shop and decided to take a look around.
Inside, there is an interesting collection of Puro San Antonio fare; t-shirts with sayings like “Got Tortillas” or your favorite Mexican Loteria card, “El Borracho”.
They shopped around a bit and purchased the aforementioned sweet bread purses then struck up a conversation with the owners, the guys she had seen on TV, Danny De La Paz and Jesse Borrego.
I'll save you the Google-time. Danny De La Paz has been a character actor playing supporting roles, in several dozen movies and TV shows. Remember American Me? He played a Latino in that one. And Jesse Borrego is also been in a long list of movies and such - you know, Fame and all that - but what is really important is that he played The Skinner on season 3 of Dexter! Friends, that alone is worth a visit to Krazy Vatos, but suggest you not bring any sharp objects since apparently he knows how to use them!
Anyway, they chatted a bit and talked about some future film projects that are being developed on San Antonio's south side. How cool is that? So there you have it. Proof that my wife, (the old lady, the other half, the misses), doesn't need me to find something interesting to post.

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Anonymous said...

theres...mi ruka...mi jefita...mi senora...me wife...me negrita..mi vieja..mi cho-clos-sa..mi mamacita..mi baby-doll...mi honey..mi carrena(ball-chain)...queres mas..o te queso un huevo.................for eva

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