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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Wild Life in 78250...

KeithAlanK over at Views of Texas reports on some wildlife action in and around his backyard and alley. You can see it all unfold here.

We don't get near that exciting of action in our yard; the occasional squirrel chase or on some nights the 'possum walking the fence line.
But not to be outdone by a couple of deer in heat, I offer you a glimpse of an occasional visitor on the railing of our deck. I know it is hard to tell but this thing was at least two or three feet tall*. Scared the bejesus out of me when I nearly shook hands with it.

*I may have exaggerated a bit, but not much.


Jeff Bauer said...


Your comment on the KeithAlanK's deer blog post, "My dogs would crap themselves", was pure, solid gold! Thanks. I'm still literally laughing out loud, though not dangerously close to crappying myself...

Four Dinners said...

It looks a bit like The Great Gonzo of Muppet fame.

Wildlife? Our cats, my fish, hedgehogs, foxes, plenty of different birds, mice and rats....and we live in a crappy town!!!

Anonymous said...

..........nice addition to the family...i say you call him ABNER...sounds good...what about the rest of you all..lets name stones newest member.....hahaha

Anonymous said...

Eva Says:)

Bob I say Bob cause Bob spelled backwards is Bob .. I can believe Dave didn't call me to tell me my friend was back .He lives Somewhere in or around my house :) .Dang u Dave you scared him .

Anonymous said...

Speaking of wildlife.... Have you got you latest Sentinel?? haha

Dave said...

Speaking of wildlife.... Have you got you latest Sentinel?? haha

Can't say I have. Sounds exciting!

Deep Forest said...

I got a picture of a Walking Stick taking five on my garage door...does it look weird !!!

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