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Friday, August 28, 2009

Dinner Report: Salad Creations in Alamo Ranch...

Daily reader and fellow Silver Creek resident Ida, told my wife about this place in Alamo Ranch called Salad Creations* about a month ago. My wife went in and got a salad to go and it was huge enough for us to share for dinner one evening. And it was extremely good.We have been meaning to go back and my wife ended up printing off some coupon for a buy-one-get-one Panini situation, so this evening we went over to check it out.Inside the place is very bright and clean. When you walk in they give you the now popular greeting that many newer establishments have been using. Years ago, I think Cici's Pizza was the only place that would have the entire crew yell at you when you came in and thank you when you leave. I know, it is embarrassing for the workers but kinda fun for the people eating there. One time when I walk into Panda Express and they all yell to welcome me, I'm going to say, "Oops! Wrong place". Then turn around and leave. That would be cute.

Anyway, back to Salad Creations. If you look at those salad container things on the walls, those are actually refrigerator units - a pretty sweet idea for keeping the salad chilled. And, the place was loaded with options for you to toss into your salad. We also noticed that one of the folks preparing food gave a customer samples of the different dressings so they could be sure they liked a particular dressing they had never tried before. Great customer interaction.But we were there for the Panini. My wife ordered a Turkey Cheddar & Bacon with Ranch dressing. They prepare the sandwich from scratch, then stick it in one of those Panini presses to give it a good toasting. We both thought the sandwich was good, well made and the cheese was melted just enough.

((I apologize for this picture of my half-eaten sandwich))

I ordered a Cuban sandwich. The man who took our order and turned out to be the owner, asked me how it was and I had mentioned to him that I was used to having a Cuban sandwich served on a Cuban bread roll. But about a bite or two into it, the simple flavor of the ham, turkey, Swiss cheese and pickle with Deli mustard was enough to take my mind off the Cuban roll missing. The bread, by the way is very good.
We also ordered a cup of the chili that was one of four soups available. It was awesome. This is not a chili you will find at a "who can burn your throat chili contest", it is a very flavorful, meaty, tomatoey, and beany type of concoction that was extremely wonderful. I bought it with the intention of tasting it, then taking it home for a snack later. In the end, I finished my Cuban, the entire bowl of chili and spent an extra five minutes on the treadmill to make up for it. Okay, so the atmosphere is closer to Which-Wich than Panerea Bread, but I can see this place being a big hit for the fitness minded person looking for something healthier than the Chili's across the street. And not that I'm Mr. Healthy Eater or anything, but good taste can also be good for you.Try the sandwiches, the salads and the chili. Salad Creations in Alamo Ranch is a quick Tasty Treat.

*Click on the Google Maps link. It just makes me giggle that the street view is a mound of dirt.

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Debbie said...

FYI, Salad creations does online ordering for take out. Pretty cool, yeah?

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