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Monday, August 31, 2009

Control Your Kids: No Screaming...

I saw this sign politely posted at the funeral home...Hey, some people, you just can't anywhere.


Buzzardbilly said...

Why aren't those signs plastered all over the world?

I would want one for my house, but we don't let kids in. The dogs would eat them.

Deep Forest said...

It's too bad there are idiots in this world that would actually let their kids do that.....muy stupidos.

Anonymous said...

obivously they havent been to a mexican funeral where even tacos and coffee are permitted..let alone kids showing life amongst the dead...

Christine said...

Hi Dave,

Just found your blog! Love it. I saw a sign recently in a shop that said.
"If you leave your children unattended, we will supply them with an espresso & a free puppy"

Be Blessed! Christine

Jeff said...

Argh! Signs that shouldn't be necessary! Here's our local signage of shame: A Sign of the (Mad) Times

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