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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

TV and Internet Watching Notes...

I finished up watching the second season of Dead Like Me this afternoon. I was so worried that I was going to get to the end of it and be royally pissed like I was with the US version of Life on Mars.

I do know that there is some sort of follow-up movie to DLM, but to be honest, I don't think it will be the same without Mandy Patinkin. Of course, I'll eventually see it but I suspect it won't be for a few years - if I stay par for my course of things like this.

Anyway, if you aren't familiar with it, a girl gets killed by a toilet seat that fell from a Soviet Mir Space Station and considering this little incident takes place in the first episode, you'd think it would be the end of the show. Instead, she has been selected to be a Reaper and go around taking the souls of people who are about to die. Very kind indeed.

If ya need to know more, read about it here and if you want to see it, check it out on Hulu.

Last night was also the final episode of the season for Rescue Me, the show with Denis Leary that my wife and I just love. Great finale which I won't spoil in case you have not checked your DVR yet. The only good thing about this being the end of the season is that now we can start watching Sons of Anarchy. Can't wait.

We have been watching Nurse Jackie and Hung. Both of them are half hour shows that should really be hour long episodes, but it does make it easier to fit them in to our schedule of limited TV watching times.

I have written previously, not very glowingly I might add, about the local to San Antonio show that comes on late Saturday nights called The Cleto Show. I have several of the episodes saved on the DVR and just haven't gotten to them. This is one show that took my wife all of the first five minutes to completely swear off of. I think it was the third or fourth episode that I was skimming through where I realized that it might be slightly funny, and at very minimum, the supporting actors on the show are very funny.

There was some guy who commented on my original post about the Cleto Show who probably worked for the producers. His comments and my subsequent fisking thereof, were probably more entertaining than the show itself; but again, I continue to hang on to the chance that Cleto will turn out to be a very funny show worth recommending. I'll let you know when I get around to watching the rest of the season. One thing for sure is that Cleto does not mind being the butt of the joke, and that is a good thing.

So I have already received a few suggestions for my next series to watch while hitting the treadmill. My sister suggested Buffy the Vampire or something like that. I'll have to commence searching through the selections on Hulu (they should start paying me for these plugs, but really, I just love that web page) and see what sparks an interest.

Or, I could just get some suggestions from you folks... Tell me what I need to watch next or leave a comment below.


AlanDP said...

"Strange Luck." It didn't last very long, so it never came to a conclusion, but it was great.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

The DLM movie is strange w/o Mandy, but oddly satisfying at the end. Also, a different actress plays the role of Daisy Adair and that was weird to get used to.

Stacy said...

"Dexter" is great. It is available for online viewing on Netflix, but not Hulu. If you get a chance for that one, it is dark and disturbing. The humor is deranged. Totally fantastic.

Debbie said...

Yep, Dexter is AMAZING--funny as Hell, heart-pounding, and interesting. I have the first three seasons on DVD (I just got the third season and I haven't watched it yet). I'd be more than happy to lend these to you for your backyard viewing pleasure.

I owe you and your wife one because it was on y'alls' suggestion that I caught on to NCIS which kept me highly entertained over the summer ... along with Bones.

House is also a great series, if you haven't seen that.

Dave said...

Strange Luck: Couldn't find it but I'll keep looking.

Dexter is one that I know I will like. I had seen parts of several episodes and decided to go to HBO or Showtime on demand (whichever) and they only had the more recent seasons. I just can't watch anything like that without seeing it from the beginning.

I'm not a Netflix member since we usually just buy DVD's instead of renting. Perhaps I should borrow Dexter to get caught up... ;)

Deb said...

Cool! I could leave the sets at GNW office, maybe? Or email me your addy, and I can drop them off thataway. Just let me know. it's debsanders and I use gmail

frankvw said...

The new "Battlestar Galactica." If you like well written scripts, great acting and good storylines this show is for you. It's nothing like the 1979 series.

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