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Friday, September 25, 2009

Strange in 78250: Decorative Hitch Cover...

Sometimes all you can do is just shake your head. Regular contributor Anon E. Mouse snapped an entertaining picture this afternoon in our 'hood.
Lee says,
"I was behind this Toyota on Grissom waiting patiently to turn left at the light on to Culebra, then followed him down until I stopped at Frost Bank. Looks like an old piece of fire hose and a couple of scrubbies. Can't imagine what it was supposed to represent, right?"

Wow. Do you suppose this is something leftover from a tailgating party? Don't they sell some big rubber hanging huevos that might work better than a couple of scrubbies? Does anyone care to offer up an explanation to this strange sighting?


Albatross said...

Certainly quite odd. I can't think of an explanation other than someone was playing a prank on the truck driver and he was just too lazy to take the trash off his hitch.

Anonymous said...

It's the poor man's answer to "a meat and two veg"....it's ghetto fab.

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