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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My Wife is a Regular Marlin Perkins...

Sensing that I have been somewhat preoccupied and unable to photograph every little interesting tidbit along my drive home, my wife has attempted to fill the gap. The other day, she would have made Ken Burns proud as she documented the historical end of a squirrel that zigged when he should have zagged.
As she was driving up Timberwilde, she alertly caught the dragging from traffic the decedent squirrel and quickly whipped out her camera to capture the action as it unfolded. Yes, even my wife carries her camera everywhere! Naturally, I have counseled her that in situations like this, video mode is much preferable.

The funny part is, regular reader Maureen sent a note to my wife on her Facebook account and asked if she was the crazy lady on the side of the road filming the circle of life in action. Good times.


Deep forest said...

That's Mother Nature in action as she removes "one of nature's little speedbumps" free of charge......LOL

Anon E. Mouse said...

Are you going to hold a neighborhood BHQ now, or wait until Tuesday for NNO?

Maureen said...

It took me a second to realize she wasn't pointing a radar gun at me ( or some type of weapon)....then I noticed the vulture, recognized Eva, and figured out it was blog material. All in about 2.4 seconds...whew! Y'all are great!

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I even amaze myself. Dave never gives me a chance :)

Rich said...

There's nothing like a day enhanced by Silver Creek 78250!! Reminds me of the day I came home from work and my wife (who hates snakes....and hadn't been much of a picture taker) produced a video of a snake eating another snake. She was durn proud of her videographer skills, despite the risks.

Pancho said...

Your not having Caldo this weekend are you? You might be now!!

brenty said...


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