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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Grissom Road Report: A Bridge to Pizza Hut...

I have just a few moments to post here before I must report to my position in front of the TV where I will attempt to finish catching up on the Dexter Series before Season 4 kicks off, so I offer you this combined report on activities along Grissom Road.First: Alert reader Anon E. Mouse notified me of the opening of the Pizza Hut on Grissom at the intersection of Timber Path. You may recall that Pizza Hut used to reside in the building which is now occupied by Mr. Cod. We enjoyed great speculation at the beginning of the project when a sign popped up in the middle of a parking lot saying they were building a Pizza Hut - directly across the street from an existing Pizza Hut. Someone even suggested that it was all a mistake and that the construction crew started buldozing the wrong parking lot. Good times. They should have Snopes.com for the Great Northwest, just to keep us all straight.

In the end, We now have a fancy new Pizza Hut with wings! Go on; I know you want some.
And of course, second, it wouldn't be right to discuss the area of Grissom and Timber Path without mentioning the progress on the bridge that will guide us over the low water crossing there.
I wonder if the people paying for that billboard along the closed road feel as if they are getting the full bang for their advertising buck?
And finally, have you driven by the old Jefferson State Bank that closed their doors a while ago? What wild speculation do you have to offer on what this construction is all about? Another crazy Flip from the Montelongo Brothers? Another new Pizza Hut? Our very own Cheddar's on Grissom?

Have you tried to cross the bridge yet? Have you ordered up a pizza or some wings? Have any insider news on the new construction on the old bank? Why not leave a comment for us?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Looks more like deconstruction than construction to me.

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