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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Strange Construction in 78250...

There is something strange going on in the parking lot of the Great Northwest Shopping Center over on Grissom Road. For several weeks now, they have had a section, directly in front of Stacy's blocked off, and all sorts of digging and such going on.Just like that, the holes are covered and things seem to have come to a stop.

Then, as one who writes a blog about the neighborhood occasionally does, I got a tip from a reader who reports the following:
I was told, third hand, that the construction in the parking lot over there at Grissom & Timber Path, was a massive screw-up. Supposedly the construction folks showed up one day, start digging up the parking lot for a new Pizza Hut, and found out later they were in the wrong shopping center. Is it true? Time will tell.
Who knows? You know how these urban legends get started. But the really strange thing is, literally across the street from this little construction mess is, yep, you guessed it, a Pizza Hut! You have to wonder how many times the construction workers took a break for lunch and wandered in for the noon buffet and never made the connection.

My wife would be happy if they would build a Starbucks there. Got the real scoop? Tell me about it and we can all know.


AlanDP said...

Another possibility is that whoever was paying for that construction took a major financial hit recently and was forced to cut his/their losses and quit.

dee forest said...

Went to the Pizza Hut last night and they confirmed that 1)that is the site of the new Pizza Hut and 2)opening is scheduled for Feb-Mar of '09

Anonymous said...

Very interesting that Pizza Hut has money to blow during these financial...times. Just to move across the street? Duh

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