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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Yard Work Report...

Lest you think we just sit around the house looking for new places to eat and then following through with a dozen tacos, over sized burgers, catfish and pulled pork, I thought I'd show you a small bit of yard work we dabbled with this weekend.

This entire thing was my wife's idea - in fact she drew out the plan on a little piece of paper - but somehow, I'm the one with aching muscles and a knee just eager to see a surgeon. It always seems to work out that way around here.Her plan was to take a side of the back yard that isn't much used for anything but mowing, and toss in some plants, ground cover, and a little walk way so we could walk around in circles and not have to mow anymore. We had gone to Home Depot to get a few plants and such, and after creating an island from rocks, we started putting in the plants and stuff. Oh yea, I also made a little table on the stump of a tree so we could place some little potted plants on it.After plating all that stuff, I cleared out the walkway area with a weed eater, then put down some black plastic. We measured the walk way and I figured we would need about two yards of decayed granite to cover it.

And then we headed off to Fertile Gardens. If you ever need some good soil or mulch or gravels and such, they have it all. Since we only have a little truck, I had to make four trips to haul all the soil. Luckily, it isn't far. It took me three hours to haul and unload all for loads. It took the worker at Fertile Gardens a lot less time to fill the truck, a half-yard at a time.
And this is what I look like doing manual labor. I enjoy doing things around the house on weekends, but if it's all the same, I'd like to just stick with my day job on a full time basis.And with that, phase one of the project was completed - well assuming the plants live and the ground cover takes off.

I'll tell you about phase two which I worked on today in a few days when it is completed. What about you? Did you do any yard work this weekend or just sit around and watch the Spurs and the Cowboys lose? Tell me about it.


Anonymous said...

Eva says:
In the long run you will thank me when you don't have to mow. I believe I am just as bruised and scratched up. I was just smart and took a motrin. Manual and Manuela labor,that's us. You have to admit it's fun. Can't wait to really enjoy it with the neighbors and family:)

Anonymous said...

Hey Dave,

That looks really great!!! Good job.


Anon E. Mouse said...

Is that a weed I see sticking up in the corner already? ;)

Great job, Dave, looking good!

Maureen said...

It looks really nice, and I think Eva's right.....less mowing makes for a happy home. Weekends are too short as it is.

Anonymous said...

...i believe that you all can go for walks in the safety of your backyard...but i think you need to put in some solar lights to give it a romantic air..what does gracie think about it........

Sid said...


I got tired out and had muscle aches from just reading about the yard project! Where do you two get all that energy?

I am jealous. You and Eva are like an HGTV dynamic duo always working on some home improvement or landscaping project.

I think that's what keeps you two so young!


Anonymous said...

..hey stone and eva...you did a great job...can wait to visit..mando says all you need is markers for the walk/runs you and gracie will be doing...the colors of the plants..good..just enough...what about a sun-dial..laters...nena

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