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Friday, November 21, 2008

Garage Sale Time...

Instead of our usual Saturday morning trek through the neighborhood looking to purchase other people's junk, we are hooking up with neighbors to throw our own garage sale tomorrow. Naturally, we will only be unloading the highest quality merchandise!If you happen to be in the Silver Creek area Saturday and feel like stopping by to see what sort of crap we have accumulated that no longer seems to fit the decor, we'd love to see ya. Look for the signs and you'll find us with no problem, after all, there are only so many streets that start with Timber in the area.

I'll be sure to report on all the high jinks later.


KeithAlanK said...

What time did you close shop?
We cruised by looking for the sale and didn't even see any signs, around 2:10pm.
Checked Timber Path, Timber Creek, Timber Slope, Timber Soup, Timber Timber, Timber Ginobili, Misty Timber...
We even had tacos and beer and a big cardboard check!

Dave said...

Ah you just missed us - but by then all the good stuff was gone. We had a sell-out on all the "we really need to get rid of this" items and by 3, we were packing up the "Salvation Army Express"!

I guess you got to see first hand why many folk refer to our area as "Timberland".

Anonymous said...

Eva Says:

Final Talley over $500.00 between 3 families... We can book the cruise :). Good job !!

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