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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Mobile Advertising Report...

We were over at the local Super Wal Mart walking in so we could purchase important consumer items when something caught my eye.

It was a guy riding a Vespa while pulling a trailer with a sign on it. In this case, he was advertising some Kodak products on sale inside the Wal Mart. The trailer had speakers and a TV screen on the back. Not only was their broadcasting in both English and Spanish, but the screen in the back was showing live picture feeds from inside the Wal Mart of customers in the camera section.
When the Vespa driver saw me film him, he stopped to chat and he told me all about it. He (and another Vespa driver in the lot) work for an advertising company - sorry, the name escapes me - and they do a fully coordinated product ad on behalf of the advertiser, in this case Kodak, with the permission of Wal Mart. Very cool.

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