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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Breakfast Report: Casa Posada...

Every once in a while, you are in the middle of doing something and you just need to get a quick bite to eat before you can move along with the rest of your activities. Saturday, we had a flurry of yard work going and my wife suddenly realized that we hadn't eaten a thing for breakfast. Oh sure, we could look in the fridge and whip up something quick, but since we had to go out anyway, why not stop by a local eatery and give it a try, right?We did just that, stopping into Casa Posada which is located just outside of our neighborhood on Grissom at Timber Path. Although we had never been before, these folks routinely donate catered vittles to events within our neighborhood association, so technically, I guess we have had their food. At the Halloween party we attended, we had some of their chalupas, and they were mighty tasty, indeed.
When we first walked in, we noticed the interesting floor tile design. My wife finally decided that the location had at one time been a tile shop, and perhaps they had laid out samples, and the new tenants decided to stick with it. Who knows, but at least some interesting designs.I'm not sure why we always associate little hole in the wall taco places with "dirty", but Casa Posada was clean and ready for an inspection. My wife really liked the little table accessories, and I liked the chips & salsa they brought out. These are no kidding fried tortilla chips, and the salsa definitely has a kick to it. The wait staff was quick and friendly, and we got our order fairly quick.My wife went with her standard bean & cheese and potato and chorizo tacos. We have both had better tortillas for sure, but they weren't bad.I went with the carne guisada with cheese, chorizo and egg and country sausage and egg. Without question, we both agreed that the chorizo was the best we have had in quite some time. Not greasy, not burnt, not raw, just good. I added some salsa on mine, and I have to tell you, it was awesome.I was not as impressed with the carne guisada, but then again, I rarely am. People have different versions of how they make it and though there was nothing wrong with it - I certainly wolfed it down - the particular style is not my favorite. The country and egg was certainly okay, especially with the salsa.

The best part of the whole deal was the price. We both stuffed our gullets for about $8 dollars, and that ain't bad at all. If you are in the area, give Casa Posada a try and tell me how you liked it.

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