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Saturday, October 18, 2008

One Size Fits All? Halloween Party Report...

Yea, Yea, I know; it's a bit early for Halloween and the next thing you know we'll be having a Christmas party in November. But aside from the timing, what better way to spend a Friday night than squeezing in to a Pirate suit and enjoying the company of friends and neighbors?

Here is a little note for those of you who will be attending a party later this month - around the time of the actual holiday. When the package on the costume says "one size fits all", don't wait until an hour before the party to try it on. That's just a little hint from me to you. Oh sure, I was able to squeeze my buns into the pirate pants - and by the way, I noticed that apparently, all pirates wear the same color pants - but when it came to the pirate shirt, that was a different story.

I'd be happy to tell you that my beer gut was the cause of the ill-fitted shirt, but in this case, the shoulders, chest, back, neck and everything else involved caused me to look like a sausage with an attitude! Arrrggh!
So of course, we ran over to Wal Mart, purchased a few huge t-shirts and my wife quickly fashioned them into rags, suitable for any scurvy dog.

But enough about Party City and their belief that everybody has a 32 inch waist.
We showed up at the Lodge of the Great Northwest and found the staff had really spiffed up the place, complete with numerous animated scary characters, blacked out windows and Halloween appropriate decor.

We found several of our neighbors at a table and joined them, and before long, the lodge was filled. I didn't do a count but there was easily a hundred or more people there. The staff had to actually bring out more tables and chairs to accommodate everyone, and to me, that speaks to the size of the crowd.
Local caterers offered a free spread of food and it was mighty fine. Chaparritas, Casa Posada and Parties for Le$$ all provided the tacos, chalupas, taquitos and a selection of fixin's. Good stuff!The DJ for the event was Daniel from Parties for Less and he treated the crowd with a wide range of music which allowed for everyone to find a reason to dance.And aside from eating, tipping a few cold ones and chatting with fellow party goers, dancing was the main event.

Chicken dance, anyone?
All in all, Stephanie, Jose and the rest of the GNW staff put on another great event. Wanna see more photos? Perhaps you should check out the Flickr page here.

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