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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

News Report: Watch News4 WOAI-TV at 10PM...

So yesterday my sister got her picture taken with Matt Lauer from NBC's Today Show while they were broadcasting from the University of Tampa (she works nearby).I'm thinking, while, that is kinda cool - something you can brag about, I can do better!So today, in an unrelated event, Kim Fischer, (yes; that Kim Fischer) tracked me down through readers of the Blog (thanks Braun Station West), and we helped with a story they are doing on proposed changes to the curfew and how it might help with taggers.I have to tell you, we probably took more of their time than they expected because we couldn't find anyone who wanted to go on camera. Then, because of Kim's professional and cool handling of us, we all ended up talking and painting and the whole nine yards. They probably had to edit out lots of the things we had to say!

By the way, Cameraman Frank told us they would edit the footage to make us look thin and pretty, so if we all look old and plump, it was poor editing!

UPDATE: News4 put together a really nice story and for the "man on the street" response to the curfew issue, my wife Eva ended up getting all the face time and the speaking role. Several of our A-Team members could be seen painting a fence with Eva in the voice over talking about taggers and such. I thought it all really worked well. You can find the video and people's comments to the story here.


Susan B said...

David, I got interviewed about our One Book program (www.onebookonelakeville.com) and the photographer told me he would use the skinny filter. He didn't have a young filter, so the double chin showed a little bit.

Sid said...

Did I not just say the other day that Eva has such a pleasant voice tone with such an articulate,crisp,and confident quality that she should be doing voice-overs? Didn't I?

I enjoyed the News4-TV coverage and admire the work the GNW-TV(tagging vigilantes)crew does to keep SA looking beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Eva Says:

Awwwwwwww Sid did you talk to someone on my behalf:). Thanks for the compliment.I am flattered :).
Much Love to all my new fans.....

Albatross said...

Eva, Sid's right. You were great on that WOAI piece. It's nice to see you guys getting some good press for the good work you do.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dave,

I know you hate graffiti. I hope you didn't mind me giving the reporter your blog. I know you are a crusader against graffiti.

It was a good news story. Keep up the good work...

Tony...Braun Station West

Dave said...

Tony - it was our pleasure. Kim and Frank were very pleasant and professional and we think they did a great job of putting the tagging part of the story into the curfew issue.

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